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​“The best way to predict your future is to create it
 -Abraham Lincoln

 Self-Directed IRA Accounts

The goal for an individual retirement account is provide a financial future for you.   Are the current maximum contribution amounts, $5,500 a year or if you are 50 years old or better $6,500, really enough for you to reach your goals?  Can you also build and maintain wealth within these limitations? 

The volatility of the markets and current world affairs have caused everyone’s IRA and 401(k)s to be on an endless roller coaster.   By using a self-directed IRA you can choose and have control over the investments that best reflect your goals.  Plus there are higher limits to how much money you can contribute.  
We have used self-directed IRAs to buy discounted mortgage notes.  Every month the principal and interest

from those notes automatically gets deposited into our account – tax free.  Our self-directed IRAs grow because someone else is paying their mortgage - every single month.  It's not a roller coaster it's a steady climb towards our financial goals.  

Ask us how mortgage notes and self-directed IRAs can also help you.