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Mortgage Notes

An investment opportunity that is available to EVERYONE,
yet least understood

Start taking notes on notes…notes produce income from the underlying mortgage, the monthly principal and interest.  Investors benefit from the monetary difference between the discounted purchase price of the note and the original value of the note, especially when it is paid off, refinanced or sold.  The risk is relatively moderate especially when there is equity.   Ask us about the different risks and rewards between performing, sub-performing and non-performing notes.  Yes, even non-performing notes can have great returns.  All the notes you buy from us will be at a discounted price which can exceed yields that can range from 8% to double digits depending on the type of note. 

Better than owning single family rental property

Notes tend to be easier to manage and significantly more passive than owning rental property you self manage.  
As a note buyer you can easily own notes all over the country- something you might not do as a landlord.  Owning notes, investors typically avoid dealing with tenants, management companies and maintenance by hiring a 3rd party servicer. 

After all, you don’t call the bank when your sink isn’t working.

Companies that service these notes are more affordable than property managers.  Property managers for single family homes take anywhere from 8-10% of rents and they often charge one month’s rent to find a tenant.  Servicers typically have a onetime set up fee and very low monthly fees.

Alternative to traditional investments

 Your stock portfolio goes up and goes down, relying on Wall Street you’ll continue to ride the roller coaster, pay capital gains and pay brokerage fees.  Mortgage notes are not associated with stocks or bonds and are therefore not affected by the market.  Every month you can consistently receive an email stating the amount of passive funds deposited into your account. 

We call it mail box money.

Want more money for retirement?  Yes, who doesn’t! Use your IRA funds to invest in notes which will automatically be deposited back into your IRA account.  Better yet, ask us about using a self directed IRA. 

Make your money work for

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